International Cannabis Investors Network

Investors are individuals interested in placing their capital in the cannabis industry.

Recruiting Smart Money

Recruiting Smart Money

GPS, through its vast international cannabis investors network, cultivates monies from all over the globe, but more importantly from liked-minded individuals and organizations that choose to aim in the investment direction that is advised by us through collective intelligence, very careful analysis of the investment, and always with a developed plan to exit profitably.

"Real" Revenue Searching

We find start-ups with “real” potential and thus “real” revenue that meets our criteria. There is no shortage of start-ups in cannabis that have a marvelous business plan, but nothing to show for in the midst of being able to sell their product or service. The proof is in the pudding; even if the company needs capital to scale and revenue is weak streamed to start, it still must be present to show proof of concept before we consider aiming our cannabis investors in that direction.

Due Diligence & Asset Verifications

Due Diligence & Asset Verifications

Sadly, there are monied individuals looking to launder their funds through investment in cannabis. Or there are some investors who present a large value of intent to invest but don’t have the liquid funds to make the commitment. Our vetting process is second to none with due-diligence that ensures proof of funds along with the transparency of where the funds originated.

Creating & Managing

Creating & Managing "The Deal"

Investing in cannabis needs to not only be very strategic but carefully vetted. In a new industry fraught with uncertainty and cumbersome regulations, a financial guide is invaluable. Knowing where the money is coming from, verifying the assets, appropriately sourcing it to the right company, ensuring a fair deal, and only allowing all initiatives to come to fruition with the right marriage of cannabis investor and entrepreneur is a tough job. We have not only managed these deals, but we’ve also been through them ourselves.

Understand Your Investment

Discover the real end game. Is it short term or long term — and what does short term vs. long term mean for your business?

Invest - Don't Gamble

Divorce yourself from emotion and learn to read the data, analyze the “real revenue” and plan for your exit.

Do Your Homework

Understand what 280E is, what your exposure is, and how to maximize your profit.

Know Your Tax Implications

Based on your previous investments and new or existing cannabis portfolio, you’ll need to know where your second and third exits will be based on your first exit and make minor course corrections along the way.


Billion worldwide legal cannabis market worth by 2025


Americans that support marijuana legalization

$3 M

Average annual dispensary revenue