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Government institutions are steadily legalizing and regulating marijuana and hemp CBD.

How Institutions Are Evolving In The Cannabis Industry

How Institutions Are Evolving In The Cannabis Industry

Government bodies as “institutions” are slowly (but surely) allowing cannabis on the marijuana and hemp sides of the fence to put themselves into a position to thrive.

Cannabis Consulting With Government Bodies

Cannabis Consulting With Government Bodies

GPS makes it a priority to regularly consult with these different institutions in order to maintain proactive free-market opportunities that are regulated for the safety of the people, and best agricultural practices for the crop, rather than as a cumbersome tax burdening roadblock that creates unnecessary challenges for the people.

Institutions & Marijuana Regulations

Institutions & Marijuana Regulations

We help steer regulation to “regulate least” and only with the necessary precision to keep cannabis on the path of being one of the greatest plants ever cultivated, with dedicated attention to cannabis regulation, business compliance, and government relations.


The United States’ progress within the last 20 years has been substantial, but we still have a ways to go, for example, the initiative to de-schedule marijuana and potentially create a national medical program would be the next progressive step.

State Level

Maintaining the ability for each to self regulate per each state’s constitution with minimal or zero federal level impact will create diversified markets in both hemp and marijuana state by state and allow for blue oceans within each state.

Local Level

Careful regulation and expert advice for appropriate legislation to “govern least” is paramount to our Institution Initiatives for small to medium-sized cannabis operations.

Foreign Governments

The wild west is everywhere in cannabis. Discovering and/or creating new opportunities for foreign governments to succeed is a priority with our firm. We operate in over 30 countries advising our clients on global cannabis regulation, compliance, and government relations for healthy, lucrative, and socially empowering approaches in hemp and marijuana.


Israel is leading the charge with credible studies, testing marijuana and its true medicinal efforts.


Colombia has a major opportunity to be a leader in the global supply chain for cannabis.


The Netherlands is ripe to lead a sophisticated and massively beneficial national medicinal program.

Intellectual Property

Protect your Intellectual Property with our expert legal referrals. There is a rush in the legal space to patent your brilliance in the industry. Let us protect your assets with our expert IP consultation so you can cash in on your brilliance for decades to come.

US Institutions Researching Cannabis

Opportunity States in the U.S. include California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois -- all of which have incredible early windows of opportunity for both marijuana and hemp.

Countries Of Opportunity

Countries like Colombia, Brazil, Australia, Germany, and Israel have incredible opportunities with low hanging fruit that is ripe for early market penetration.