Cannabis & Hemp Industry Expansion Opportunities for Enterprises

Incumbents encompass the large enterprise businesses that exist within traditional industries.

Large enterprises that operate in traditional industry segments. This includes companies operating in industries including; CPG, fashion, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, tobacco, automotive, and more.

These incumbents are interested in integrating hemp and eventually even cannabis into their supply chain, but don’t know where to start.

It is our goal to be the “GPS” guiding these enterprises through their point of entry and navigating them through the global cannabis and hemp Industry waters for expansion opportunities.


Data in the cannabis industry will be cultivated and sold for marketing, medical and many other uses, just as most data is leveraged. Staying on the cutting edge of technology for the marijuana and hemp crops on their metric of sales, medicinal effects and many other data points will be crucial for Fortune 5’s and their success when penetrating the industry.


Big Pharma is and may continue to enter cannabis, as it is a thriving industry that has undeniable evidence of medicinal value, however without all of the side effects that the traditional pharma industry currently has.


Heavy dollars are being put into this space that almost comparable to the early days of the tech industry. Seasoned investors are becoming very aware of the lucrative ROI in cannabis and how expert guidance from premier consulting companies such as GPS are shining a light on appropriate and safe cannabis capital opportunities.