SOP Development

Drafting and implementing quality standard operating procedures for commercial cannabis business requires a strong portrayal of your brand's ideology and product's quality.

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    Simplified SOP Drafting

    You need the right standard operating procedures for commercial cannabis to get your business approval on time. Developing the right SOP gives regulating bodies a perfect representation of your brand’s processes in the development, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis products.

    Our experts are experienced in designing and developing a standard operating procedure that describes your operational processes in a simple format. The SOP delivered fully describes your quality assurance and management systems.

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    SOP Implementation

    A well-crafted SOP gives your business consistency and a sense of direction. We handle the steps involved in defining, developing, and finally implementing your SOP seamlessly. We research the best methods to better implement your business SOP and make your staff focus easily on the task at hand.

    At GPS, our SOP implementation services tracks and analyze potential risks linked with your cannabis business while ensuring no compromise in cultivation, product quality, packaging, processing, and distribution.

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    Tracking and Adjusting SOP

    Our real-time tracking and review service ensures that your SOP is updated in compliance with the current requirements in your host state. Our in-house experts test the SOP periodically and make necessary adjustments if any.

    The SOP contents, as developed, are communicated with clarity to all interested parties, making your business a model on the global cannabis market.