Remote Video Surveillance

GPS offers you the right remote cannabis video surveillance solution (THINK REMOTE-GUARDING) optimized to monitor your cannabis investments. We simply put you a step ahead in safety monitoring.

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    Analyze State Regulations

    Cannabis video regulations are different in many States. At GPS, we analyze how State laws on remote cannabis video surveillance apply to your dispensary, cannabis cultivation, distribution network, and storage facility. We analyze the minimum resolution, frames per second requirements, and the perimeter distance coverage needed.

    We defined the purposes of surveillance in our analysis procedure, capturing the need to avoid investment loss, employee theft, and live monitoring as might be required by insurance. GPS Cannabis Video Solutions remove the burden of security threats to your investment and set you a step ahead.

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    Optimize Surveillance Options

    We optimize the results of our analysis to make sure you get the best surveillance experience. We simply outperform the minimum requirements dictated by state laws. We optimize your live video surveillance with a wide dynamic range, HD resolution, remote check-in, running time, video storage limit, and Internet Protocol (IP) compatibility.

    On optimization, your dispensary is covered with live surveillance with direct storage on a real-time basis. This is also applicable to your cannabis cultivation, storage facility, and distribution network. We also reassess the processes involved in setting up your feed and re-optimize for consistent compliance.

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    Implement Surveillance Solution

    Skilled implementation relieves you of any technical burdens involved with managing live video surveillance. Our technical cannabis operations team is certified and trained to handle installations, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

    We also provide periodic checks to the surveillance operations and technical installments. This ensures that surveillance is consistently optimized to transmit quality video feed regardless of lightning and weather conditions.

    GPS also supplies you with information on changes to state laws as it affects your video surveillance system. At GPS, your cannabis investments are guaranteed the best at safety.