Operations Readiness Audit

Providing an efficient cannabis business compliance audit of your business strategies and determining if shutdown operations are safe and ready to restart.

  • 01/

    Auditing Preparedness

    Deciding to restart a shutdown process requires a true process analysis determining if the process is ready to restart. At GPS, our team of in-house experts performs a cannabis business compliance audit of all functional areas needed for the operational readiness of any dormant section in your cannabis brand.

    We also help you determine the preparedness level for evaluating sections across your cannabis operations with the response to material management, personnel management, project, and organization development.

  • 02/

    Stress Analysis

    Adequate stress analysis reveals the factors initially responsible for a system breakdown. From cultivation to storage and processing, a thorough analysis of process output in relation to projected output reveals the factors responsible for process breakdown.

  • 03/

    Start-up Recommendations

    Data-gathering is an operational readiness audit that put project managers in the best position to make the right decisions in process revamp and restart. For your cannabis business, we provide a tactical report that identifies any gaps and challenges that need to be closed and solved. The recommendations provided through auditing your cannabis companies also detail a new proposal on the best approach for restart and supervision.