Operations Management (on-site)

Expert supervision and cannabis staffing guidance for your business strategy, financial projections, SOPS, and distribution blueprints.

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    Schedule Design

    We keep an eye on all your business procedures while executing all processes seamlessly. We unburden you from the stress of running multiple tasks at the same time. Our cannabis operations managers are trained to manage every aspect of your business strategy design and SOP implementation simultaneously.

    At GPS, we build a shield around your cannabis business and design the operating schedules that guide all methods of cultivation, regulatory compliance, distribution, and marketing.

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    Personnel Management

    From training to productivity tracking, we are deeply involved in the standard practices that define personnel management in the cannabis industry. Our cannabis staffing and personnel management service help keeps your business on track by infusing a sense of accountability in your staff network through specialized cannabis business executives search and staffing.

    All personnel involvement, as defined by the SOP, is tracked, supervised, and documented for execution at all levels of the cannabis business operations.

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    Decision Making

    We compile the right data that guides your decision-making process in your operations management schedules. Data-gathering makes the decision-making process smooth and free of errors. Our team of experts makes the data reflective of the true nature of your business, making it useful in risk management.