Operational Transformation

Incorporating specific strategies and corporate processes to support integrated business operational growth and differentiated commercial cannabis operation.

  • 01/

    Cross-operations Diagnostic

    We conduct a deep-level assessment of the current operating systems guiding all aspects of your cannabis business. All processes involved in cultivation, processing, packaging, and the extended supply chain network are diagnosed for systems efficiency.

    At GPS, we size the full improvement potential for all your differentiated commercial cannabis operation processes in a bid to improve your financial outlook.

  • 02/

    Redesigning Operations

    Redesigning the operational processes of any failing systems rapidly scales up the productivity and financial growth of your cannabis business. All designs are aimed at achieving projections and expanding the functional capabilities of strategies employed in your cannabis business.

    All new changes are stress-tested and validated by our team of experts for effectiveness and optimal productivity.

  • 03/

    Implementation and Upgrades

    Adapting the newly-designed upgrades to supports integrated operational growth. Our team of experts has developed standard tools processes that ensure operational focus for all upgrades adopted. The systems are implemented across the needed aspects of your cannabis business, from business strategy to personnel management and distribution network.