Mergers & Acquisitions

Managing your expansion plans through expertly structured cannabis financial modeling, utilizing the right mergers and business acquisitions.

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    Developing Financial Strategies

    At GPS, our Capital Market/M&A services offer provides cannabis startups and businesses with expert evaluations on capital decisions in the cannabis industry, M&A transactions, capital raising, and cannabis financial strategies.

    We have developed a proprietary due diligence algorithm that can effectively manage your investments, mergers, and acquisitions. Our financial strategies are customized to rightly serve the cannabis business by attracting the right channels for capital raise.

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    Assessing Financial Models

    Selecting the right cannabis financial modeling for your mergers and acquisitions shapes your expansion plans and put your cannabis business on the right track. We perform a detailed analysis of the indices involved, conduct value projections, and create a personalized capital scheme for your cannabis business.

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    Merger Executions

    Our acquisition and merger execution consultancy services are designed to help you navigate the technicalities involved with executing a successful cannabis business expansion. We prioritize your business profitability and only charge a meager percentage of the gross proceeds of capital deployed, based on transaction size, with a retainer.