Investor Networking (Capital Raise)

Investing in cannabis effectively requires opening up a financial channel that ultimately connects your business with the right investors while raising the capital volume for your cannabis business.

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    Investor Research

    From your cannabis business startup to a supply chain expansion, we research the most willing investors in the capital market ready to support your business strategies. Pitching your business to the right investors and doing it rightly makes your cannabis business brand stand the best chance at raising capital.

  • 02/

    Investor Pooling

    The global cannabis industry is in its infancy, scaling up rapidly and generating impressive quarterly ROI for its many stakeholders. Generating a pool of investors for your startup and business expansion might not be easy in this terrain.

    Leveraging on our relationship with corporate and angel investors in the Green Industry, we can provide your business with just the right type of passionate investors who are interested in investing in cannabis businesses like yours.

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    Funds Management

    We double as your capital and equity manager. Tracking every cent generated from investors and making it legal in spending. At GPS, we help you prioritize the right section of the business that needs funding. Our fund management services and investor networking keeps track of your returns and compare your projections for every quarter of the year.