Global Supply-Chain Networking

Providing the right expertise required to seamlessly navigate the complex landscape of the global cannabis supply chain network.

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    Supply-Chain Design

    Sourcing the right materials and inputs legally and ethically in all pro-cannabis states globally. As a cannabis cultivator, packaging outfit, or supply franchise, we design a watertight pipeline system for input sourcing and product supply. This service set up a cannabis logistic network and negotiating supply deals with trusted stakeholders. GPS provides expert guidance from product development, marketing, operations, and customer service.

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    Logistics Planning

    Planning and controlling the swift movement of your cannabis and cannabis-derived product across states and national boundaries. Depending on your business host state, GPS provides a custom solution to address the challenges of the cannabis supply network. Our advisory team helps you address any confusing supply decisions to make as your business expands.

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    Warehouse and Distribution Advisory

    From seed-to-sale plans and selecting between a vertically integrated supply chain or a vertically disintegrated supply chain, GPS efficiently formulate a management plan for your warehousing and distribution schemes.

    At GPS, our in-house experts in marijuana and hemp understand the complexities of the global cannabis supply chain and simplify the global cannabis supply chain’s intricate network for your business niche.