Global Expansion Strategy

Rapidly scaling your business and crafting a personalized niche for your brand. Designing the right recognition globally for an effective global cannabis expansion strategy.

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    At GPS, we supply the right tools to upscale your business rapidly. Leveraging on our network of market experts and the foundational experience in the cannabis industry, we position your business right at the peak. Adopting the right upscaling plan will fast-track your reach beyond the regional scene to the global level.

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    Funding Opportunities

    The cannabis market is a billion-dollar global venture. Cash inflow is fluid and rapid. Raising investment and funding channels for cannabis market scalability requires expert experience in investment and business management. We lead your business by the hand and help you guide your startup through the complex cycle of growth, scale-up, acquisition, and financing.

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    Global Expansion

    Planning to expand your business in the right direction and secure your cannabis business valuations for a projected period? GPS forms a strategic partnership with you, upscaling your business and developing a customized global cannabis expansion strategy through expert partnership operations.

    Our expansion strategies also provide project-based engagements, including discovery, strategy framework creation, business model identification, and operational resources development. With GPS, you stand a chance to exceed your business objectives and get it right on your first trial.