Cannabis Cyber Security

Cybercriminals want to steal the same information from cannabis businesses as they do from all other companies and retailers: valuable and sensitive data, personal info, and intellectual property. Prevent that with cyber security in your cannabis business.

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Cannabis businesses are especially attractive because of their data and because most haven’t implemented security protocols and tools.

Many burgeoning companies, like cannabis retailers, may not fully invest in protective, cybersecurity measures as core parts of their business models due to competing priorities. While any retailer is always a target for cybercriminals, cannabis retailers present a bigger target due to the nature of their business. And medical marijuana dispensaries may be an even bigger target due to the ready access they may provide to personal medical records, many of which may prove to be very valuable on dark web forums.


- Data Breach Industry Forecast 2020, Experian

Cybersecurity threats loom large and menacing, as they do all over modern business. Yet, in the cannabis industry, states’ insatiable appetite for collecting all available data in third-party
systems poses additional risks. The value of the product and the cash moving throughout the cannabis supply chain make related data especially valuable to criminals. That track-and-trace is mandatory for the industry to function makes the systems especially attractive targets for hackers’ ransomware or denial-of-service attacks.


- Marijuana Venture

Let Gateway Proven Strategies provide you with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for cyber security in the cannabis industry. Our subject matter experts are the best in the world for hemp and marijuana cyber needs and will protect your infrastructure, all while maintaining an understanding of the cultural dynamics of the cannabis industry.

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