Business Planning

From the start launch pad to the later stages of business development and expansion, we lead your business by the hand.

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    Financial Planning

    Drawing up a financial plan and funding proposals for your launching, brand design, and network expansion. At GPS, we handle all aspects of a client’s financial projections, arrange financing priorities, plan for contingencies, and monitor the conversion rate for financial projections and actual results. All services rendered under financial planning are customized and directly reflect your business goals.

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    Brand Design

    Creating a voice and customized audience for your cannabis business globally. Our Brand design services are aimed at representing your business with an active voice and craft a niche for it in the global cannabis market. All brand designs create a customized image for your business and echo the founding principle of your business.

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    Brand Launch

    Rightly projecting your brand on the global scene starts with an excellent launch initiative. We literally put you in front of the green rush. We create the perfect value proposition attracting the right audience while echoing your business core values. In addition to tracking your cannabis business launch conversion rate, a team of experts also develop and manage a unique brand strategy.