Industry Veterans Tim Gordon & Blake Luvon to Join GPS Leadership

Gordon Cannabis Group Merges With Gateway Proven Strategies

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DENVER —  GPS Global (GPS) and Gordon Cannabis Group (GCG) announced a merger, combining the two multinational consulting businesses into GPS Global.  The move is designed to optimize high-quality service opportunities for the global cannabis marketplace.  This merger is the fourth acquisition in three years and continues to strengthen GPS Global’s reach and expertise serving international clients around the world.

The agreement brings in Tim Gordon and Blake Luvon, co-founders and owners of Gordon Cannabis Group, to GPS leadership. Gordon will take a seat on the Board of Directors and assume the title of president, allowing Co-Founder Bob Hoban and former GPS president to focus on activities with the Board of Directors. Luvon steps into the role of Executive Vice President of Marketing & Technology Innovation.

“This agreement is a natural fit for the next phase of growth for GPS, expanding our ability to advance the goals of clients all around the world,” said Chris Day, CEO of GPS. “It’s particularly exciting to partner with such innovative industry veterans and come together to deepen and expand the ecosystem of services for our collective clients in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.”

In the coming months, Gordon Cannabis Group will work with existing clients to seamlessly transition to GPS services. GPS already operates 4 global offices with 39 countries advised and counting, creating successful strategies for clients in launch, cultivation, regulatory advice, strategic partnerships, product development and M&A.

“Our long history of collaboration with GPS shows we already have a proven track record of successful projects, so it’s a natural next move for us to join forces. Together, we are well-positioned to have a real impact on the rapidly evolving global cannabis and hemp landscape,” said Tim Gordon, CEO and Founder of Gordon Cannabis Group.

Well-known in the cannabis industry for a variety of successful endeavors, Gordon is one of the world’s top authorities on cannabis genetics and medicinal hemp, and has been cultivating highly optimized strains for nearly 30 years. A highly requested speaker, he has served as a Director of NORML in Colorado and other industry trade organizations.

Luvon brings 25 years of business innovation across several sectors. From tech start-ups, to lead generation, e-commerce, SaaS, brand-building, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and international brand expansion, he has helped many companies collectively earn hundreds of millions of dollars.

The expansion opens up new pathways for GPS to support the development of cannabis as an economic accelerator, working with companies, well-capitalized individuals, and governments around the world.


About Gordon Cannabis Group 

Founded by Tim Gordon, Gordon Cannabis Group provides consulting services and resources to clients across the world. Our roots run deep in cultivation optimization, seeds and genetics, brand success, and international expansion in cannabis.

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Gateway Proven Strategies is a full-service global strategy firm, specializing in cannabis, hemp and emerging markets. Through our international ecosystem of businesses, the Global Cannabis Network Collective, and global subject matter experts, we collaborate and consult with clients on reliable, sustainable and dependable outcomes. To learn more or book a consultation, visit

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