The partnership creates a channel to identify mutually beneficial international business opportunities

GCNC Announces Partnership with Brazilian Cannabis Industry Association, ABICANN

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Sao Paolo, Brazil —Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Cannabis and Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC) signed an agreement based on the importance of promoting partnerships, as dynamic elements of the Medicinal Cannabis market. With a broad vision and planned actions, the union between the two entities provides an interrelationship between representatives, associates and executives linked to both. Based on this agreement, the two associations will working together to facilitate access to business opportunities, stimulating the flow of business deals, promotions, partnerships and events.

In the view of the president of ABICANN, Thiago Ermano, partnerships between institutions active in the evolution of the Medicinal Cannabis industry generate advances between members and associates of each entity involved in the agreements.

“In addition to promoting negotiations for the indication of opportunities, this agreement between ABICANN and GCNC will maintain a healthy networking, expanding the dissemination of information and actions between the two entities, access to the other associations that form the Cannabis Medicinal business network, in addition to allow us to explore numerous relevant forms of mutual action.”
Thiago Ermano – President of ABICANN

One of the most significant changes driven by the GCNC is the expansion of the entity’s business internationally, with more efficiency, valuable connections and intense exchange of knowledge. GCNC leaders are equally motivated to contribute directly to building global trade within and outside the network created by the entity. In addition to creating a really useful vehicle to connect the excellence of the professionals involved in the Medicinal Cannabis production chain.

“We are looking forward to this partnership with ABICANN because at GCNC we are known for a culture of C-Suite members who understand the value of sharing knowledge across sectors and cultures, and ABICANN is very well aligned with these goals. The best business opportunities start with a shared mission, and for our organizations, the goal is to expand and support an ecosystem of leaders in Medical Cannabis so that everyone wins.”
Jill Reddish – Co-founder of GCNC

The agreement also aims at participation in conventions and events organized by the two associations, support in the most diverse initiatives and connection with any and all disclosure opportunities, facilitating access by members of each entity to market information.

Among the benefits of this agreement, ABICANN and GCNC associates will have a rich international network , involving members and world-class connections. They may have access to a platform for interaction between mentorships. Finally, they establish a relevant connection for companies that have suitable products for sale, in the domestic or foreign market.

“Multiculturalism has always driven the generation of new ideas, exchange of information and the viability of business and innovations, especially with an international network of trust. We know that our associates are in good hands, free to associate and interact with the world in a trusted way.”
Nathalie Vanegas – International Vice President of ABICANN

Among the main benefits, the agreement includes:
– 10% discount for companies interested in joining the entities, valid for ABICANN and GCNC members.
– Webinar invitations for members of both networks.
– Discounts for global events, for GCNC event partners.
– Invitations to relevant regional networking events which the GCNC hosts.
– Knowledge sharing between members of both organizations.

All these benefits will be available exclusively to ABICANN and GCNC members, including new members.


Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Cannabis is a private, non-profit, non-profit association, with administrative, financial and non-partisan autonomy, governed by the Statute and current Brazilian legislation. Companies, representatives of organizations, leaders and technical professionals unite in public defense of the industrial and business development – sustainable and ethical – of the professional markets around Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp in Brazil. Through the Economy, Politics, Justice and Society Committees, it launches proposals to facilitate dialogue with governments and business organizations. It supports the development of innovations and professional training, always seeking collaborations for the cause of Medicinal Cannabis. Learn more at

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Jill Reddish, Chief Marketing Officer, GPS Global