PRESS RELEASE - ASOCOLCANNA and GCNC sign collaboration agreement to support the development of cannabis markets in Colombia and Latin America

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March 24, 2023

DENVER — Asocolcanna and the Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC) announce a partnership agreement to support the development and promotion of cannabis markets in Colombia and with international regions. The agreement creates a framework for the two entities to facilitate the exchange of market intelligence and build relationships to stimulate business deal flow, as well as co-promotion of events and content created by each.
Asocolcanna is dedicated to guiding and promoting the robust development of agro-industrial activities within the current legal framework in Colombia. Their membership includes Colombian companies focused on medicinal, scientific and industrial use of psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis.

“Cannabis is well on its way to becoming a vital part of Colombia’s agro-industrial sector, with enormous potential to bring more economic growth and lift up the dignity of families, so it is important to look outside and build relationships internationally. With its global membership, the GCNC is bringing together strategically minded cannabis professionals who are thinking about the future of this global market in a way that’s essential for businesses like our member organizations to remain resilient and expand their ability to provide access to critical medicines that improve quality of life,” said Miguel Samper Strouss, president of Asocolcanna. The partnership with the GCNC will offer increased opportunities for Colombian companies to interface with international businesses across the global cannabis supply chain.

“Our goal is to always deliver value to GCNC members in support of a thriving international cannabis industry, and Asocolcanna clearly shares that mission. We look forward to collaborating with Asocolcanna to exchange industry information and support each other’s efforts in bolstering the global cannabis ecosystem,” said Jill Reddish, co-founder of GCNC.

GCNC facilitates alliances across the industry, supporting members in creating strategic partnerships to move product, drive market demand and strengthen their businesses. Leaders from multinational cannabis companies and auxiliary industries across the global supply chain comprise the GCNC’s elite member collective.
The agreement between Asocolcanna and GCNC includes participation in webinars and B2B events organized by the two organizations as well as mutual support to drive the development of a more resilient, responsible, and sustainable global cannabis industry.

About Asocolcanna

The Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries – Asocolcanna was established in 2017 and its purpose is to promote, protect and guide the development of agro-industrial activities related to cannabis within the current legal framework in Colombia. This association is made up by Colombian companies dedicated to the cultivation of the cannabis plant, good practices in the cultivation, manufacture and sale of derivatives for medicinal purposes, psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis scientists and industrialists. Learn more at:


About The Global Cannabis Network Collective

Launched in 2020 to answer a need for international connectivity and information sharing, the Global Cannabis Network Collective drives deal flow and industry expansion for experienced business professionals transforming international cannabis trade. In conjunction with world-renowned advisory board members and the GCNC global event network, our members identify the global challenges the cannabis industry faces and create curated contact points to overcome obstacles and drive solutions. Now a part of the Gateway Proven Strategies family, we are growing a network of meaningful deal flow to build a strong and sustainable global cannabis industry. Learn more at


Jill Reddish, Chief Marketing Officer, GPS Global