Colorado Cannabis Business Consulting

Colorado is a front-runner in medical, recreational, hemp, and ancillary business in the cannabis industry.

Colorado Cannabis Consulting

Gateway Proven Strategies (GPS) provides cannabis business consulting in Colorado for new and established businesses. GPS helps clients with professional and industry-specific services in the cannabis industry. Colorado’s cannabis regulations will soon reach its full maturity, but for now, many new opportunities continue to present themselves in the state’s cannabis and hemp market. The dynamic nature of Colorado’s cannabis regulations and licensing requires strategic planning and execution, along with the flexibility to comply with new regulations. Gateway Proven Strategies is committed to providing clients with sustainable, dependable outcomes for the longevity and success through cannabis business consulting in Colorado.

Marijuana Hospitality Licenses In Colorado

The state of Colorado has recently approved the distribution of marijuana hospitality licenses. This change allows the creation of an entirely new type of cannabis business that our Colorado cannabis business consultants can guide you through. Only 3 marijuana hospitality licenses have been approved by the state so far, but many more are sure to come. Tourism is becoming the next business frontier for legal cannabis in Colorado.

Hemp License Changes For Colorado In 2021

Hemp production in Colorado has grown substantially in recent years. The state has a rich history of agriculture and widespread support for hemp. In 2019 over 500,000 acres of hemp were harvested, this year the governor signed an order proclaiming “Colorado Hemp Week” in June. Regulations for legal hemp are set to change for the 2021 growing season as the state aligns its policies with the federal standards set out in the 2018 farm bill which legalized hemp cultivation federally.