Before you jump into scheduling a call with a consultant, you might want to see if your question can be answered by taking a look at some growing and selling cannabis FAQs we’ve compiled from general inquiries we’ve received.

Growing and Selling Cannabis FAQs

How do I sell weed?

Cannabis (or weed) is sold differently in every jurisdiction — and in some municipalities, it is still not decriminalized or regulated.  Check with your local government and city to determine if you can legally operate a cannabis business.  If your municipality allows for medical marijuana, recreational cannabis operations, manufacturing, retail, and/or delivery of cannabis goods — decide which business in the cannabis vertical appeals to you and your skillset.

Do you want to grow cannabis and wholesale to white label manufacturers?  Do you want to build and operate a start-up cannabis brand?  Do you want to win licenses and create a vertical structure?  The business of cannabis is far more than “how do I sell weed” — it includes ancillary businesses, equipment providers, and business managers.  Where are your skillsets? — answering that question will lead you to determine how and where you will sell your products.


Can I sell weed online?

Cannabis derived (THC) products cannot be sold online.  When dealing with Hemp, CBD, CBN, CBG, and Delta8 products, consult your lawyer.  If you need legal representation, please reach out to us and we will connect you with a trusted representative.


How much Hemp should I grow?

First ask yourself what you are growing for — industrial, medical, fiber?  Then, make sure you have buyers lined up for your product.  The worst thing you can do is grow acers of product and leave it rotting in a field.  Make sure you have the logistics of harvest, transportation, manufacturing, extraction, and retail secured.  This will determine how you plant your crop.


What is the cost of weed?

Cost greatly depends on the type of cannabis and the quality.  Quality can be determined by the cannabinoid content, the terpene content, the cure, the look, and the taste of your product.  Like with any consumer packaged good, the location of your customer and the purchasing experience can also determine cost.  Manufacturing processes, additional ingredients, and taxes will also affect the final dollar amount the customer pays.


How much does opening a dispensary cost?

The costs for opening a dispensary are highly variable. In most legalized states in the U.S., you must first apply for a license to open a legal marijuana operation. The cost of this license will be your first expense and can range from a couple thousand dollars to tens of thousands just to apply, and oftentimes winning a license can be very competitive. In addition to this, the cost of leasing or buying a storefront (not mention expenses that come into play when opening a new business) are all factors. Our experts at GPS have great success with license procurement and can guide you to determine unique cost variables for your new cannabis business.


How much do dispensary owners make?

The sky is the limit! It really depends on the dispensary and the margins. There are many that make great revenue but low margins and vice versa. There are Multi-State Operators (MSO’s) who make very little and Ma and Pa shops that do very well and vice versa. However, a well-run dispensary in a good location with an impeccable reputation can create a legacy of revenue and attract buyout options from companies that want to create chain or multi-state presence.


Is it legal to sell weed I grew at home?

No, not in the United States. It is important to remember that the sale of marijuana is still federally illegal. However, the current federal government in the U.S. has chosen to allow individual states to govern themselves with licensed sales.  Gifting cannabis that you grew at home is generally okay, but you cannot grow for commercial purposes in your residence. Again, this varies state by state — some states have options for home cultivation, others do not.


Do I need a license to grow weed?

Are you growing cannabis for personal use?  Many states allow home grows with a limited number of plants for personal use.  Check your local state regulations to determine if a home grow is right for you.  If you are growing for commercial purposes, you will need to acquire licenses, permits, and construct your building following regulations and guidelines set by your municipality.  If you are seeking help with licensing, please schedule an appointment with one of our cannabis consultants.


Can I dropship cannabis and hemp products?

Drop shipping is not available for cannabis products.  Cannabis is federally illegal in the United States and mail carriers are federally operated.  Hemp derived products can exist in a gray area of legality that may be an option, although you may have hurdles when it comes to your payment processor.  Delivery services in legal states may have dropship like options within their distribution platforms that could be very helpful to your business.  If you have current cannabis or hemp products and are struggling to connect your cannabis supply chain to its prospective market, our consultants can assist you in creating the strategy and establishing the connections that can launch your business to success.


Do I need a cannabis consultant?

Are you starting a cannabis business?  If you are in any way uncomfortable with the fiscal, legal, or cultural landscape of the cannabis industry, it might be a good idea to schedule an introductory call.  As a founder, you must focus on stewarding your company — let niche experts fill in any gaps!  We’re here to help!

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