GCNC and Boveda launch partnership to expand quality cannabis practices around the globe

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DENVER, CO — The Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC) announces its newest international sponsor, Boveda, the global leader in 2-way humidity control. GCNC selected Boveda because of its patented research and development of precise moisture control to preserve cannabis quality and protect consumer experience. Leaders from multinational cannabis companies and supporting industries like Boveda comprise the GCNC’s elite member collective. Together, they work to drive the development of a more resilient, responsible, and sustainable global cannabis industry. 

“Achieving a functional, sustainable, and successful cannabis industry is predicated on respect for the plant.  We look forward to collaborating with GCNC and our new partners who also support this mission,” said Claire Erickson, Industry Programs Manager. “At Boveda we work to support and amplify the wisdom of legacy markets. Our affiliation with the GCNC is an exciting opportunity to deepen those efforts, build relationships and expand access to safe, high-quality cannabis to positively impact people’s lives.”

The GCNC includes operators from across the cannabis and hemp supply chains in South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. These cannabis experts share ideas as well as scientific and commercial innovations. This exchange of critical market intelligence is an essential part of the GCNC as business leaders use this knowledge to produce safe cannabis and hemp; preserve quality; work more efficiently; and expand market share to increase profitability, responsibly. 

To establish best practices, the Collective creates substantive content and hosts professional development events. For cannabis professionals around the world, understanding and applying these best practices are critical to delivering safe and consistent high-quality cannabis.

As a new international GCNC sponsor, Boveda strengthens the collective voice through its innovations in terpene preservation and safe storage, which result in greater patient and consumer satisfaction. 

“We have great respect for Boveda’s commitment to creating a safe, high quality experience for all cannabis consumers, whether medical or adult-use,” said Chris Day, Co-Founder of the GCNC and CEO of GPS Global. “Creating authentic connections between values-aligned business operators is essential to the development of a successful and ethical cannabis industry, so we are extraordinarily pleased to be able to expand the GCNC’s ability to foster knowledge share and create market connections through this collaboration with Boveda.”


About Boveda
Boveda is the globally recognized leader in 2-way humidity control. Founded in 1997, Boveda has 25 years of experience protecting people’s passions. The company has created quality assurance products and active packaging for premium cigars, musical instruments, cannabis, medical devices, and more. 


About The Global Cannabis Network Collective
Launched in 2020 to answer a need for international connectivity and information sharing, the Global Cannabis Network Collective drives deal flow and industry expansion for experienced business professionals transforming international cannabis trade. In conjunction with world-renowned advisory board members and the GCNC global event network, our members identify the global challenges the cannabis industry faces and create curated contact points to overcome obstacles and drive solutions. Now a part of the Gateway Proven Strategies family, we are growing a network of meaningful deal flow to build a strong and sustainable global cannabis industry.


Jill Reddish, Chief Marketing Officer, GPS Global