Comprehensive Opportunity Measurement & Predictive Analytic Scoring System

Comprehensive Opportunity Measurement & Predictive Analytic Scoring System

COMPASS is a 150-point Premier Business Analysis viewed through 10 distinct lenses to evaluate a cannabis industry business.

Comprehensive: COMPASS is a 150 data point proprietary algorithm that provides an analysis of a cannabis business

Opportunity: Through a rigorous scoring system, our algorithm provides investing and purchasing institutions a confident internal and external look at the business

Measurement: COMPASS tracks what business has been completed, the margins for revenue, and a potential for future business based on market and industry trends

Predictive: COMPASS gives investors, and consumers insight on predictive measures of the survivability of the company as well as its ability to diversify through future market changes.

Analytic: The COMPASS algorithm is a one of a kind analytical tool that uses real time data from the entity being evaluated as well the industry’s acceptance of the company’s products and/or services

Scoring: The algorithm’s score is cultivated through 10 distinct lenses the provide objective and unbiased company intelligence

System: The metric of evaluation through COMPASS is cutting edge and molds to serve both plant-touching cannabis operations as well as ancillary companies. 

It provides a Comprehensive 150-point Analysis of your business viewed through 10 distinct lenses 

It leverages 200+ years of industry expertise coupled with a proprietary algorithm 

It is built on Predictive Analytic techniques such as data mining, statistics, and modeling, and identifies trends and patterns to make predictions

It is a Scoring System that Measures the Success Potential of your Business

It can help entrepreneurs and executives identify gaps in their business plan and strategy

It can help investors supplement their traditional due diligence practices to address industry-specific nuances

COMPASS is an acronym for Comprehensive Opportunity Measurement & Predictive Analytic Scoring System

The magnetic compass was an important advance in navigation because it allowed mariners to determine their direction even if clouds obscured their usual astronomical cues such as the North Star. COMPASS is an important advancement in navigating the nuances of the nascent cannabis industry because it allows entrepreneurs to determine the best point of entry and market positioning to steer their business toward success.  


You know how to evaluate a company- but the cannabis industry is unique in its supply-chain fragmentation, nascency and complex regulatory framework.

Our proprietary, industry-specific due diligence grading system compliments your due diligence process. 

Understanding the complexities of a nascent and highly fragmented industry doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes years of experience working cross-functionally with industry leaders, keeping your finger on the pulse, and learning lessons through both failure and success.

Our algorithm measures potential investment opportunities against key performance indicators that account for industry-specific nuances.

We leverage predictive analytic techniques such as data mining, statistics, and modeling to analyze current data, identifying trends and patterns to make predictions about the potential viability of an investment opportunity.

With decades of wisdom under our belt, we not only observe, and impact trends in this industry, we predict them.

We can be your “GPS”- navigating you through the nuances of this nascent industry.