GPS Global appoints Chris Day as CEO

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DENVER, CO — GPS Global today announced that the company’s Board of Directors has appointed Chris Day as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. He will assume day-to-day leadership of the global management consulting firm. 

Former CEO Charles Feldmann, who co-founded GPS Global along with Bob Hoban, will shift his focus to the company’s international board of directors, industry thought leadership activities, and serve as Corporate General Counsel. He will continue to motivate those around him as a member of the Board.

Day previously served as Chief Marketing Officer for GPS Global and has sat on the Board of Directors since the acquisition of the Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC) in September of 2021, which he co-founded with Jill Reddish. They both will continue to lead the elite networking organization independently while working to drive the GPS vision of a strong, sustainable global cannabis industry. Reddish will assume the responsibilities of Chief Marketing Officer. 

“I have known Chris since his days at MJBiz and have worked and traveled alongside him since GPS acquired GCNC. He is an outstanding leader with the right vision and know-how to take our company public, serve our clients with exceptional depth and expertise, and lead our marvelous team,” said Feldmann. “The cannabis industry in particular requires values-based leadership, creativity, an ability to adapt, and perhaps, most importantly, a vision and understanding of what the global marketplace can be — all of which Chris embodies. GPS has made meaningful progress in our ability to serve our clients, and I believe we are taking the right steps to move the company forward while supporting our clients at the highest level.”

With his previous executive experience at Marijuana Business Daily and private cannabis consulting work among numerous executive roles at marketing agencies in various sectors, Day is widely respected throughout the cannabis and psychedelics industries. 

“I know that I speak for everyone at GPS Global in thanking Charles for his leadership and continued dedication to the company,” said Day. “I am both humbled to assume this new role and excited for the future of the company, and for the global cannabis industry as a whole. We have an exceptionally talented team at GPS that is focused on collaborating with our clients to guide this industry to the next level of sophistication, continuing to deliver innovative solutions, and expand deal flow across continents. With our extensive network of deeply committed cannabis experts all around the world, GPS is uniquely positioned at the forefront of one of the most exciting — and potentially revolutionary — new market opportunities in our lifetime.” 


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Jill Reddish, Chief Marketing Officer, GPS Global