Cannabis Security

Security in Marijuana and Hemp

From Guards, to CCTV Installation to Remote Video Surveillance & Alarms

The cannabis and hemp industry has grown tremendously over the past few years. While new opportunities emerged with the legalization of cannabis products, understanding the issue of security in this industry is critical. When you mention cannabis security, most people tend to think of safeguarding assets like the actual products and facilities. However, security in this industry extends to cover other issues like workers and customers. Let’s have a look at some of the important aspects to consider when addressing security in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Facility Security Requirements

In an industry that is rapidly evolving rapidly, the most important thing you can do is to learn about the requirements. Although security requirements will vary by providers or regions, some of the requirements cut across the players. Take time to learn about your local, state, and federal resources on what is needed to operate in the area. For instance, cannabis facilities in California are required to use high-resolution remote video surveillance or remote guarding. 

Installing a security system at your facility is critical. Not only because it is part of legal requirements, but it also gives you the peace of mind that your facility is secured. As more states devise requirements to guide businesses in this industry, security system integration has been at the forefront. In fact, most states require you to provide a cannabis security overlay of your facility or marijuana dispensary, before you can be licensed. Consulting a good system installation expert will ensure that you meet these requirements and that you always have the best system running. 

To ensure that your facility is safe and that you meet the requirements, consider having a cannabis security plan in place. The purpose of the security plan is to protect your facility, the products on sales, funds, and other valuable items. The plan covers everything you need including video surveillance, air and sound detection, access control systems, security system design, and more. A good security partner will guide you through the process and ensure that your security measures meet the industry standards. 

Cannabis Systems integration

Although working with an expert will help you have all the important systems in place, understanding what is needed is critical. The following are some of the security system integrations you may need:

  • Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV): A good video surveillance system includes vital features like high-quality footage, live streaming capabilities, and motion and temperature detection. 
  • Alarm and Notification Systems: These systems alert you of any unusual activity. They negate the risk of key duplication, promote visibility, and enable more detailed monitoring of the facility. 
  • Building access control Systems: These systems control how people enter and leave the premise. With advancements in technology, it is now possible to control your building access via cloud-based systems. 
  • Security Guards: Even with the digital systems in place, a security guard provides crucial monitoring service to ensure a safe environment while preventing violence. 

What About Hemp Farm Security?

Hemp fam security is equally important as it ensures those involved in the agricultural bit of the business protect their farms. As the legal status of hemp continues to evolve, the need to install security systems in these farms is continuing to increase. While their security concerns are slightly different from those running dispensaries, taking appropriate measures is critical. You will need to provide protection to your farm products, workers, and yourself too. This could prove to be a challenge if you do not engage an appropriate expert in this field. 

Some of the key considerations for hemp farm security include theft, whether in the farm or during transportation. You need to ensure that your products are safe as well as people working on your farm. It is also important to review your terms of transactions as most hemp and marijuana buyers tend to pay in cash. The measures you may need to take for your farm include raising the fencing of your farm, installing motion-detecting lights around the farm, employing security guards, and installing security cameras. 

How is Security in the Cannabis Industry Different

As you may have noticed, security in the cannabis and hemp industry is given a lot of priority. Apart from the law being specific on what needs to be installed, the entire security system in this industry is quite different. This is an industry is growing very fast, the issue of safety and security of people in the business is still prevalent. Therefore, setting up security systems will take the same approach security is installed in sensitive places like banks an jewelry stores. 

Even though the systems installed are not so different from the standard ones, they are geared to provide more protection. Each system is improved to be distinguished by purpose and compliance with the law. The building access controls are more robust, video surveillance more comprehensive, and system documentation is more enhanced. The major difference lies in that these security measures are more regulated than in any other industries.