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Marijuana & Hemp Global Supply Chain

Our Firm is bridging the gap between nations for Cannabis

GPS Global Consulting

At GPS Global, we’re changing the way cannabis businesses build their network and reach clients. We provide last mile cannabis distribution solutions and consultancy for cannabis businesses in North America and Europe. Allow your business benefit from our wealth of information and experience to achieve your set objectives. 

We have built a bouquet of marijuana supply chain solutions that you and your company can take advantage of. And if these don’t fit, we offer a range of bespoke offerings that is built around your specific models for optimum efficiency and profitability. 

Why we do what we do? 

As pioneers in the legalized marijuana business in North America, We have lived through the motions and hurdles of the industry. Through the years, we have observed firsthand the logistics challenges faced by companies in the industry and have through practice, patience and expertise developed throughput marijuana distribution solutions that meet the demands of even the most demanding logistics challenges.

Why you should trust us. 

Our resolve to see your business succeed is what has led us on this path. Because of you, we have created a system of cannabis supply chain support that addresses all of the most common logistics problems your business might face. 

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, supply chain solutions or on-demand consumer products, GPS Global has got you covered.

Contact GPS today to discuss your needs to facilitate a supply chain for your cannabis business!