Cannabis Compliance

Cannabis Compliance

We’ve Got Your Back! 

From Seed to Scale, GPS links proven strategies with excellently crafted tactics to optimize startups and established outfits in the global cannabis industry.

With verified expertise in global cannabis consultancy services, GPS has consulted over 37 governments and private firms. Our consultancy coverage relies on the frontiers of strategic, operational, and investment consultancy.

By operating out of 9 global offices, we are strategically located to reach our global stream of an ever-growing clientele.


Global Valuation Trends of the Cannabis Industry

In large part, the global cannabis industry is at its infancy, scaling up rapidly and generating impressive quarterly ROI for its many stakeholders. As of January 2020, over 30 states of the US and 50 countries globally have enacted pro-cannabis laws decriminalizing some forms of cannabis. The wave of new regulations opened up a new marketing front for cannabis products and triggered widespread interest in cannabis and cannabis-derived products. 

The global cannabis market is projected to worth an estimated $146.4b by 2025 while expanding steadily at a CAGR of 34.6%. Increased public and private investment and rising demand for recreational and medical uses are the principal factors expected to drive growth during this forecast period. 

Far beyond the market prospects created by the new pro-cannabis legislation, new market entrants and established cannabis companies are also required to strictly comply with legal statues on licensing, investment, acquisitions, product labeling, shipping, and international marketing. As market indices grow, the need for consultancy services, legal advisory, and ancillary services increases in multifold. 

Here at Gateway Proven Strategies, we provide reliable solutions for our clients and resultantly create sustainable, reproducible, and dependable outcomes in a bid to stimulate the global cannabis economy. With a commanding presence across 6 continents, we studied the regional complexities of the cannabis supply chain and have partnered with different clients, including business owners, government officials, as well as domestic and international investors. 

GPS simply optimize your strength, provide the necessary resources to kick start your operational plans, and help you capitalize on the myriad of opportunities available in the global cannabis industry. 

Our Services

Strategic Context Advisory 

As, a cannabis consultancy firm, founded by two of the top cannabis industry leaders, GPS boasts of a collective network of professionals, businesses, and government leaders. Our Strategic Context Advisory services are directed at the corporate development of scalable cannabis businesses. At a monthly retainer fee, this service provides professional partnerships bordering on license preparation, application buildout, retail services, and high-level partnership guidance. GPS also improves your financial projections by enhancing personnel management and boosting overall operating plans. 

By channeling our team’s combined expertise, GPS helps you understand the complex landscape of the cannabis industry by providing an unparalleled advisory service covering regulatory, upscaling, economic trends, and supply chain management. We drive growth by reviewing your strategic plans, examining any scalable indices, and creating a personalized development framework that fast track the fulfillment of your business goals. Not only that, but we also conduct feasibility studies that help determine your right niche in the global cannabis marketplace. 

  • Capital Market/M&A

At GPS, our Capital Market/M&A services offer provides cannabis startups and businesses with expert evaluations on capital decisions in the cannabis industry, M&A transactions, capital raising, and cannabis financial strategies. The global cannabis industry is expanding daily; however, the financial services available to grab the nascent industry’s fluid opportunities are limited. In many regions of the globe, this single factor is a major threat to cannabis business upscaling. We have developed a proprietary due diligence algorithm that can effectively manage your investments, mergers, and acquisitions. 

GPS partners with you and make a complete assessment of your business partnership proposals and financial models. We perform a detailed analysis of the indices involved, conduct value projections, and create a personalized capital scheme for your cannabis business. Developed through years of expert involvement in the global cannabis consultancy market, our proprietary algorithm helps you minimize financial risks and place your business right above the competition. For our Capital Market Services, we prioritize your business profitability and only charge a meager percentage of the gross proceeds of capital deployed, based on transaction size, with a retainer. 


  • Global Expansion

GPS provides the right tool and supervised approach to upscaling your cannabis business. We simply leverage our foundational experience in the dynamics of the cannabis industry to position your business at the peak. The cannabis boom is backed by cash inflow of millions of dollars in investment funds. Cannabis startups fail when funds are not properly channeled to drive business expansion. At GPS, we offer you a Global Expansion service that guides your startup through the complex cycle of growth, scale-up, acquisition, and financing. 

At GPS, our procedural techniques are uniquely designed to expand your business in the right direction and secure your cannabis business valuations for a projection period. We also provide project-based engagements, including discovery, strategy framework creation, business model identification, and operational/resource development. With GPS, you stand a chance to exceed your business objectives and get it right on your first trial. 


  • Professional Services

GPS offers a multidimensional Professional Service scheme aimed at securing strategic insights and transformative growth trends for cannabis startups and businesses alike. Our consultancy experts enjoy a progressive partnership with leaders of global professional service firms. Armed with the right information and expertise, the GPS consultancy team handles your cannabis business development from business model formulation to market strategies, operational plans, and growth trend monitoring. 

GPS gives your business a full-spectrum, integrated supervision approach aimed at securing a 4fdsqpconsistent long-term growth for your cannabis business. By leveraging our wealth of experience and professional standards, we help you reduce financial risks, increase returns on investments, build a reproducible growth plan, and significantly improve your ranking in the global cannabis industry. We thrive on exceeding client expectations! 


  • Supply Chain Networking

The global supply chain network of cannabis and cannabis-derived products is a complex landscape requiring expertise to navigate. At GPS, our team of trained professionals and in-house experts in marijuana and hemp understands the complexities of this supply chain, and are ready to help you understand the intricate network of the global cannabis supply chain. Depending on your business host state, GPS provides a custom solution to address the cannabis supply network’s challenges.

 Our advisory team helps you address any confusing supply decisions to make as your business expands. We consult on interstate distribution regulation, seed-to-sale plans, and selecting between a vertically integrated supply chain or a vertically disintegrated supply chain. We take your business a step higher by setting up a cannabis logistic network, negotiating supply deals with trusted stakeholders, and efficiently formulate a management plan for your warehousing and distribution schemes. We keep you constantly in business and firmly establish your position in the global cannabis industry. Our Supply Chain Networking service will identify, coordinate, and facilitate your supply chain transactions with ease, verifiability, and profitability. 


  • Industry-Specific Services

GPS organizes a connected network of expertise that takes absolute control of your industry-specific needs ranging from ancillary to direct cannabis business. With our Industry-Specific Services, we tend your startups and scalable business by developing a customized sustainable plan that pushes your business beyond the cannabis industry’s challenges. At GPS, we have the network, experience, and resources to strategically help clients build business models to survive the long-term and fulfill the financial projections of your cannabis business. Our team of experts across the globe creates a reliable business foundation that firmly establishes your niche in the global cannabis landscape.


  • Deal Desk

GPS unburdens you from the rigors of raising capital for your cannabis startups and scalable businesses. We simply help grow your company from inception by conducting a feasibility plan on the investment opportunities available for your firm in the cannabis industry. By leveraging our extensive personnel network and wealth of experience, we can develop customized financing solutions to raise the needed capital for your expansion. 

In addition to sourcing your capital, take you a step higher in financial management by identifying and recommending risk-proof investment options. We also provide an advisory plan to effectively manage your debt and equity transactions. Our Deal Desk service only costs a monthly advisory fee to assess and recommend portfolio purchases, management, and modification. 


Why Choose Gateway Proven Strategies?

  • Extensive Network

We are well equipped to reach you anywhere on the globe, irrespective of your business host country. GPS is a natural extension of the global cannabis networks created by is founders –Robert Hoban and Charles Feldman. Every member of the GPS consultancy team understands the complex landscape of the cannabis industry and displays rare expertise in ancillary services, including regional cannabis regulations on legality, licensing, cultivation, insurance, and financing. With 9 global offices in over 35 countries, we are strategically positioned to give you the right service in a bid to structure your cannabis business in compliance with global standards. 

  • Experience

GPS establishes a professional consulting interface to directly tend your cannabis business. As a broad-based cannabis consultancy firm, GPS employs and utilizes a collective network of in-house hemp and marijuana experts, business professionals, and government leaders. Our experience in the fluid cannabis ecosystem provides the needed ignition to set your business on the right course.   

  • Guidance

GPS provides you with a reliable compass and advisory points to enable you to identify, study, and assess the different startup strategies, and investment portfolios that rightly fit your cannabis business. GPS is the professional guide that equips cannabis startups, scalable businesses, private firms, governments, and investors with the right tool to navigate the complexities of the global cannabis supply chain.  

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