Cannabis retail services and corporate production companies invest heavily in supply chain design. Getting the right product to the right destination at just the right time requires extensive planning. Consultancy services on the cannabis supply chain are primarily involved in product movement from cultivation, warehousing to retail and consumption. An exclusive service on supply chain management also reconciles all parameters involved in matching demand with optimum supply.

Control the Flow, From Cultivation to Consumption

A vertically integrated cannabis supply chain keeps you directly in charge of product flow. You would definitely like to know how your products navigate the market. Right from cultivation to production, storage, and retail, you can actively determine the market yield on your investment.
GPS services handle all the complexities involved in the cannabis supply chain. From facility design to chain integration, capital sourcing, and supply logistics, undertaking the right market maneuvers at the right time guarantees substantial returns.

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    Supply Chain Model

    Designing the perfect supply chain model requires expert consulting. Reconciling production numbers and customers’ preferences at the supply end also requires expert handling of data for optimum chain design specifics. A background study of direct competitors in the same niche can facilitate supply design using the Efficient Supply Chain Model. Machinery utilization in a supply chain serving high demand consumers has been proven to rapidly improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    The technicalities of the cannabis industry require specific designs on the supply chain network. As a consulting firm, GPS undertake detailed study of your cannabis business and draft supply chain models that better serve your client base. Our in-house experts have developed trusted modifications of the different supply chain models, including the continuous-flow, custom-configured, agile, and fast chain designs.

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    Facility Design

    An efficient distribution system required detailed specifications on facility design and product flow management. An improved model of the dispensary design might be compatible for small scale supply chain businesses. Designing the right warehouse layout. Storage compartment, distribution terminal, and unit transport compartments directly affect the effectiveness of your cannabis supply chain. This is where we come in.

    With certified expertise in facility design, our team at GPS provides guidance that perfectly suits your supply chain logistics. Your distribution schemes and warehousing management plans are effectively managed. This ensures swift movement of your cannabis and cannabis-derived product across states and national boundaries.

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    Capital and Investment Sourcing

    Cannabis business expansion plans are capital intensive and require funding for smooth business execution. Cannabis startups also require enough capital input for an effective launch. Investment and insurance options in the cannabis industry are strictly regulated and might be confusing for business owners.

    Securing the right financial services for your business is an exciting job at GPS. Our due diligence capital sourcing techniques connect your business directly with prospective stakeholders. In addition to capital sourcing, we provide exclusive coverage of financial services aimed at effectively managing your investments, mergers, and acquisitions.