Opening up new business terminals across state lines is a proven move to improving valuation projections and client base. You might have enough hands-on experience in successfully handling the main terminal in your default state; however, the cross-border business poses its own unique challenges. By expanding into multiple states, you are expected to comply with new regulations guiding licensing, equipment sourcing, retailing, and state-specific laws on cultivation, harvesting, extraction, processing, analytical testing, and labeling.

Expand Beyond the Local Boundaries

Have you thought about exploring new markets and consumers for your brand? If growth is a principle you reckon with, then you have thought about this. Expanding your business reach beyond your host state is a big dream. Crossing state boundaries might be promising, challenging, and tricky at the same time.

In addition to the logistics involved, you might have to start operating on a new turf while adhering to new rules on licensing, cultivation, distribution, and retailing. An expert consultancy service makes multi-state expansion seamless. While you operate at the highest level, we make sure you stay afloat.

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    License Application

    Pro-cannabis states might have regulations that legally open up the market to new operators. However, no two states actually have exactly the same procedure in granting an operating license. States have unique priorities, requirements, and rules to be fulfilled by new businesses before launch.

    Knowing the right method of presenting your license application saves you enough time to launch your brands in the new market. At GPS, we understand the rigorous process in license application for new markets, and we are always ready to help.  We draft your applications swiftly in observation of the details expected and increased your likelihood of securing any type of license on time.

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    Strategy Replication

    For new markets, the laws might be different, but you’re the right strategy holds true in all cases. GPS offers a multidimensional professional service scheme that helps multi-state operators replicate or secure new strategic insights and transformative growth trends that improves brand value, set a projection standard, and help operators cut risks. Our consultancy team handles the requirements of your new business, from business model formulation to market strategies, operational plans, and growth trend monitoring.

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    Multi-state Operations Business Research

    In new markets, the data driving investment and business entry might be entirely different from that in your former State. As such, making the right decisions on stocking, delivery methods, and retail location involves understanding customer demographics, preferences, and other data that directly affects value delivery. By leveraging our wealth of experience in multi-operations, we conduct full-spectrum research on these parameters and help you apply them appropriately. In the long run, we help you reduce financial risks, increase returns on investments and build a reproducible growth plan that significantly improves your ranking in the new markets.