Manufacturing cannabis at any production level requires constant process optimization. The output quality is prescribed by State laws and is required to be uniform at every batch. Beyond the needed technical know-how, cannabis businesses invest in the right consulting firm for manufacturing services. Product launch should be preceded by a cutting-edge strategy in risk mitigation and optimizing investment returns. From extraction to product packaging, we provide valuable insight that directly improves product acceptance, branding, and profitability.

Leverage Certified Expertise in Cannabis Processing

Are you interested in Cannabis processing? Then, be ready to invest big in personnel management and processing procedures. Extraction, reformulation, purification, testing, and packaging requires in-depth guidance and expertise.

As the global cannabis market expands rapidly, the demand for cannabis products keeps soaring. You can be sure of a large profit margin on all endeavors in this sector. There are challenges to overcome and regulations to fulfill. While you go big, we help you plan ahead.

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    Product Specifics

    Determining the product specifics in cannabis manufacturing is vital for a successful manufacturing launch. Knowing what the target demographics’ preference can equally help product launch in carving a niche in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry.

    At GPS, we conduct a pre-launch survey that ultimately guides you in determining the parameters that illustrate your branding philosophy. We guide you in making considerations about extraction technique, delivery methods, unit volumes, and product labels. The objective is to connect seamlessly with your target audience while avoiding launch pitfall and maximizing profitability.

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    Installation and Personnel Training

    The preferred product specifics determine the types of technical installation and personnel expertise needed at launch and upscaling. Our team of experienced experts is primed and trained in sourcing for the right technical input for your manufacturing plans. All technical inputs sourced through GPS meets regulatory requirements for standards and safety. Installation is designed to recognized initial plans in site designs and supply chain flow.

    Personnel training equips your workforce with basic and advanced technical knowledge in machinery operation. Training schedule arrangements are flexible and designed to properly engage personnel at all levels of product involvement.

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    Extraction Technique and SOP

    Increased demand for cannabis-derived products is expected to drive the cannabis industry towards massive valuation. Stakeholders are considering process automation in a bid to balance out the demand level with an increased production rate. Extraction is an in-production process expected to benefit maximally from process automation.

    We leverage the industry expertise in determining the right extraction technique that stands the chance of automation in future expansion plans. We develop Standard Operating Procedures to guide personnel interface with the business and optimize every aspect of the production process. In essence, you are guaranteed improved output in material preparation, filtration, distillation, clarification, crystallization, separation, and solvent removal.