With nine global offices in over 35 countries and counting, we are strategically located to facilitate the expansion of your business enterprise. Every member of the GPS consultancy team understands the complex landscape of the cannabis industry in almost every country with pro-cannabis legislation. A collective network of in-house hemp and marijuana experts, business professionals, and government leaders delivers value in ancillary services, including regional cannabis regulations on legality, licensing, cultivation, insurance, and financing. Even when you have decided to expand beyond international boundaries, we have got you covered on all fronts.

Our varied services as a frontrunner cannabis consulting firm are designed to reach you anywhere on the globe, irrespective of your business host country. While quality brands and operating philosophy, the team at GPS facilitate the seamless replication of your business models abroad. This includes all processes involved from start to finish in market differentiation studies, customer surveys, branding, and license applications. We do the heavy legal lifting required in creating an operating space for you at home and abroad. At every step of the building process, we optimize your production process and supply chain to meet the new demands placed on your brand by the international market.

Judging from our years of experience tending many cannabis businesses, we understand the challenges you are bound to encounter. On establishing your cross-border outfits, our expansive network of professionals directly handles all procedures involved with licensing, regulation compliance, equipment acquisition, personnel management, and business growth monitoring. Our Global Expansion service provides an exclusive cover for all your attempts at international expansion. We simply help you get it right at the first trial.