Multiple legislations around the world have provided a statutory definition for hemp –an industrial variation of the Cannabis sativa with a THC content, not more than 0.3%. Pro-hemp legislations provide legal backing for its controlled production, packaging, sale, and distribution across State boundaries. Cannabis stakeholders are scrambling to venture into hemp production and increase their reach into hemp production. By 2025, the global hemp market is projected to reach $26.6 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 34%. Where do you stand? Upscale your business and increase its valuation with hemp production by engaging our custom services for hemp growers.

Be Updated About All-things Hemp

 Hemp growth services offer the largest market square for products in the cannabis industry. However, the legal regulation of guiding hemp and can cannabis products are entirely different. How updated are you on these guidelines? Knowing the right approach to hemp services sets you above the competition, validates your big dreams in the hemp industry, and directs your course right from start-up.

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    Product Licensing

    Hemp production is strictly regulated by guidelines set in place by relevant authorities. Licensing requirements are set in place to guarantee the integrity, safety, and purity of hemp produced. Hemp licensing procedures and requirement are different in every States and in many cases requires expert consultancy services. GPS delivers a full-spectrum, integrated approach in processing your licensing approval. We leverage our extensive network of legal minds to secure these licenses in all States and those that require periodic license renewal. With us, you are covered at every step of your hemp licensing journey.

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    The customer survey results might take the lead in determining the hemp presentation forms predominant in your host state. In its entirety, this might be different from what the customers want. Introducing processing innovations in a new market might directly boost your market projections and long-term valuation. We provide you with the right data to make decisions that optimize hemp processing. Our consultancy service on hemp processing also covers securing Processing Licenses in States where it is required.

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    The green rush and the emergence of Hemp as a legally-backed commodity of the cannabis industry thrives on research.  Retail businesses, medical facilities, and pharmaceutical companies profit massively from research results on hemp. In a bid to facilitate more research into this exciting product, we provide our clientele with data and consultancy services needed to guide hemp research. From experimental laboratories to plant genetic studies, cannabis product development programs, and R&D facilities, our Hemp Research services cover the technicalities surrounding researches on hemp products.

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    Analytical Testing

    Product certification is balanced on the right analytical testing.  Using third-party independent labs to confirm hemp quality, THC composition, and impurity levels are generally considered the gold standard in analytical testing. This service also covers securing Analytical License for new labs and research facilities. For hemp retail service providers, our extensive network of personnel contacts provides information on accredited laboratories around the world.