Capital Markets / M&A

The GPS principals have built investment and acquisition portfolios for the cannabis industry‚Äôs leading companies for nearly a decade.  Along the way, they have developed a proprietary due diligence algorithm that sets GPS clients apart from most other companies in the space that lack context, industry knowledge, and foundational experience. 

Strategic Context Advisory

Cannabis industry participants lack an understanding of where they actually fit within the global cannabis marketplace.  Understanding the cross-section of regulatory, economic and business challenges is critical to developing a global strategy that has tangible context.

Global Expansion Strategy

In the competitive world of the nascent global cannabis supply chain, GPS can provide immediate access to the top players in the industry in any jurisdiction that allows any form of commercial cannabis.  And GPS is in a position to provide Deals/Portfolio Building to effectuate global/international expansion

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GPS offers a variety of services with a primary focus on global strategy, expansion, supply chain networking and M&A.