The global cannabis industry is a rapidly changing and complex landscape that is one of the biggest business opportunities for policymakers, business leaders, managers of capital and the general public in the 21st century.

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GPS is at the center of the world’s largest cannabis industry network at a time where the global expansion of the industry has manifested itself as a worldwide cannabis marketplace – a global cannabis supply chain. 

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GPS produces results and achieves our partners’ goals by creating and maximizing profits, linking a clear strategy of proven tactics to produce long term success with the institutional knowledge brought by its founders.

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Authenticity.  Proven.  Unparalleled Context

Gateway Proven Strategies is a global cannabis advisory firm. It is driven to provide proven strategies, analytics and M&A services. 

GPS applies critical thinking and creative thought processes to its clients’ goals.  Our proven fundamentals encourage the exercise of initiative, evaluation, embracing and mitigating risk, and seizing opportunities that generate profits.

GPS understands the international operational environment like no other.  Understanding context is fundamental to building a successful operational environment in the global supply chain.